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Green Pastures

Volunteer with CHS

CHS needs active members!

We welcome those who want to volunteer for any of our special events throughout the year! But each year, we also need Board Officers, Committee Directors, and Committee Members (these last are non-voting, un-elected assistants to a committee director). Consider joining the Board and/or a CHS committee to help lead CHS's longtime efforts to promote horses in Northern Virginia.

See below for some of the many ways you can share your time and talents...

Board Officers


Supervises and controls all of the business and affairs of CHS. Presides at all meetings of the members and Board of Directors (usually held monthly).  


Responsible for all funds and securities of CHS. Receives payments and provides receipts, maintains insurance for the club, and gives an annual report on the financial condition of CHS. 

Vice President

Performs the President's duties in their absence or if/when additional help is needed. Traditionally, also plans the program for the March Annual Meeting and chairs the Nominating Committee. 


Keeps the minutes of the meetings of the members and the Board of Directors. Sees that all notices are duly given, keeps the membership registry up to date.

Graphic Art

Graphic design and art direction is required for CHS fliers, newsletters, announcements, advertising and more.


Responsible for content, layout, publication, and distribution of the CHS newsletter, the Lead Line. Collects and organizes articles, news, and other info of interest to members.  

Programs & Events

Ensures the interests of members are met through a variety of programs each year, and maintains a record of tasks and timetables for various annual activities as guidance for the next time the program/event is conducted.

Trail Liason

Requires an active trail rider who is familiar with the area and stays abreast of development and other changes that may threaten trails or access to trails. When necessary, able to attend county planning commission meetings or meet with county park representatives or developers. Maintains good relations with landowners, homeowners and HOAs, while keeping an ear open for complaints about equestrians and possible problems that may threaten their safety. Organizes efforts if new trails or detours need to be cut.

Proteus Award

Runs the CHS Proteus Award, which is given each year to the horse and rider/driver team that demonstrates the greatest versatility. Chooses a judging team, accepts all documents, and arranges awards for annual meeting.

Social Media

Works closely with the Newsletter Lead. Answers emails, posts events, sends out the Zoom link for monthly meetings, maintains a CHS social media presence and voice.


Provides refreshments, coolers, etc. for events. Coordinates closely with the Programs & Events Director and the Quartermaster.


Collects membership dues, maintains a current membership roster, and analyzes growth trends. Welcomes new members and answers questions of prospective members.  Attends functions where Membership should  be represented.


Inventories and stores CHS materials and equipment, and advises the Program & Events Director when a replenishment may be required for a specific program or event. 

Trail Ride Coordinator

Plans each year's trailriding program, taking into account a variety of interests and riding levels and ensuring each ride has a leader. Obtains permits and promotes rides as appropriate. 

Volunteer Coordinator

Works closely with Programs and Events lead to ensure that events have adequate staffing.


Manages sales of CHS logo merchandise to raise funds, support, and awareness. Incorporates fundraising components into existing events and develops new activities.

Committee Directors

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