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Proteus Award

The CHS Proteus Award is given each year to the horse and rider/driver team that demonstrates the greatest versatility. Proteus, according to classical mythology, was a sea god, son of Oceanus and Tethys, noted for his ability to assume forms and to prophesy. The term Proteus, according to dictionaries, can be applied to a “person or thing that readily changes appearance, character, principles, etc.” (Random House unabridged dictionary). 


This annual competition is very important to CHS. It encourages competitors to experience the widest range of activities with their horses and furthers CHS’ objectives of promoting equine events and the education of area horse enthusiasts. CHS encourages everyone from the novice to the most experienced riders to compete. We expect a wide range of activities and performance in this kind of competition. The judging committee will be announced later in the year. Awards are given at the annual meeting each March. 

If you are interested in working toward our Proteus award, please review this PDF: PROTEUS APPLICATION


The document contains the guidelines, score sheets, and certifications required from activity sponsors/organizers that you can view and download.

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