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We just bought a house in Clifton and will be moving there from San Antonio Texas in September 2021. I was raised around Arabians and showed Saddleseat equitation, western pleasure and costume as a youth. I have had many different types of horses over the years and ridden horses in Turkey, Iceland (picture from my 50th Birthday below), the UK, Australia and Germany during my time in the military. I prefer trail riding and dressage, but I am also interested in endurance riding and have done a couple intro rides here in Texas.

I am mostly retired now, just teaching yoga and meditation. I am looking forward to meeting some other adventurous horse people. I don't currently have a horse, but would like to volunteer with some horse people until I get to know the area and find a horse of my own. My e-mail address is if you would like to connect.

Carolyn Patrick

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